Elementary & Middle School
Group of Students

Our School

At St. Stephens Elementary and Middle School, we serve all kindergarten through eighth grade children of the St. Stephens Arapaho community. We strive every day to teach our students to appreciate their culture while they learn essential academic skills. And as Mignon McLaughlin said, “Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.” 

Our Philosophy

We at St. Stephens Elementary and Middle School believe in the simple philosophy of life that has sustained the Indian people through the centuries.

  • To walk with dignity, knowledge, and wisdom
  • To live in harmony with earth and everything on it
  • To acknowledge with thanks to the Great Spirit

We believe that our school exists first and foremost for teaching and learning. We teach our students the techniques for living and leadership in modern society within a curriculum framework, which includes the art, language, and beliefs of American Indian culture and heritage.

Funded by the BIE

Our school is funded by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), which services the needs of our entire community. Through the BIE, we receive quality educational opportunities beginning in early childhood and continuing throughout our lives. The BIE provides educational resources, counselors, teachers, coaches, and all aspects of support, while taking into the account the spiritual, mental, physical, and cultural aspects of our families and our community.

Special Education

At St. Stephens, we believe all kids can succeed! As part of our commitment to help all students reach their potential, we provide a positive, success oriented, and safe environment. In addition,we offer a top-notch special education program in all grades to identify, diagnose, and serve those students with special educational needs, disabilities, and/or giftedness. We believe that students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community are equally important in the learning process. If you believe your child may benefit from special education services, please contact a member of our SPED team