Elementary & Middle School
Group of Students

    Why Choose Us?

    St. Stephens Indian Elementary/Middle School is located on the Wind River Indian Reservation in St. Stephens, Wyoming. We strive to provide the best educational setting for all of the children in our community. We are proud to educate children and cultivate their talents while preparing them for the future experiences they will encounter in adulthood. A St. Stephens School education also includes teaching the Arapaho language, culture, and arts, keeping the character of the Arapaho heritage alive.

    Dedicated To Your Child’s Success

    We believe that the school exists first and foremost for education and learning. We teach students the techniques for living and leadership in a modern society.

    We Embrace Our Culture

    Within our curriculum framework includes the art, language, and beliefs of the American Indian culture and heritage. Within our small class rooms, students learn in a positive, success-oriented, safe environment.

    We are Committed

    Our school staff reaches out to parents through newsletters, phone calls, parent-teacher conferences, and home visits.

    We base our educational standards on those established by the Federal Department of Education and the Bureau of Indian Education.