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All Day Kindergarten

We are proud provide all day kindergarten learning to our students. The kindergarten year is full of excitement and growth as your child learns new skills and becomes just a little more independent.

What Skills Will Your Child Learn?

Kindergarten is an exciting year for you and your child. By the end of kindergarten, your child will be able to recognize, name, and write all 26 letters of the alphabet. He/she will know the correct sound or sounds that each letter makes and read about 30 sight words.

Among other things, your child will also learn basic writing and number/counting skills as well as how to name and describe common shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) and to identify, sort, and classify objects by color, size, and shape. 

What Can You Do to Help?

There are many things you can do day-to-day to help your little one learn and grow in kindergarten. Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep a special box or bin at home filled with writing materials (crayons, pencils, markers, paper, and notepads) so your child can practice writing.
  • At bedtime, ask him to count how many stuffed animals he has, and ask, "How many books about dogs do you have? How fast can you count them?"
  • Introduce a "draw a shape" game, and take turns with your child drawing rectangles, circles, and squares.
  • Take out an old box of buttons, and have your child sort them by size and number of holes. Or have her sort special treats, like M&M's, by color.